About Me :

A Grounded

Natural  Dominant

I have been a Dominant since my early adult life, without even realising that a kink scene existed! Dominance was just natural to me. This position fell in my lap as I was meant to have it. I have since been professionally trained from mentors adept in risk assessment in kink and also in the medical safety aspects of kink, and through rigorous training in safety and also through personally submitting to experiences myself, I can say, a decade later, there is nowhere in a session that I would guide you to, that I haven’t been to myself, and that won’t be for your benefit.

I enjoy power exchange on a very deep level. I hold power, with grave responsibility and have learnt of myself, that I do not enjoy playing with those who enjoy contesting power. Power is not contested in my space. I simply hold it. If you submit to me, you are not in Kansas anymore, and I will expect your trust, obedience, respect and humility. It is with these inner tools that I can drive you to a sub-space. I require your complete surrender so I can use it for your best.  I am quite adept at ethical and consensual erotic hypnosis, but to to get you there, I need your mind in  my hands. 

So how do I want you to give that power over? Simply, authentically. Be real with me, and yourself, and let go. If you have a session, I want you to follow my instructions, even when they make no sense to you. The whole point of submission is that it is not about, or for you. That said, I do not identify as a Goddess. Do not call me one. I identify as a facilitator. I can show you doorways to experiences you never dreamed of, yet you are the one who chooses to walk through them, grow and become more of yourself. If you have online scenes, prepare your mind properly and present well. That will please me and deepen your experience.

Consent is paramount in a BDSM experience. I have a strict screening process to ensure consent is clearly and concisely understood and documented. Hard limits are always completely respected. Soft limits are pushed with negotiation and consent. Consent is the factor of BDSM that separates it from harm, and therefore, I am most careful with those in my care. This is also a two-way street and I will expect that the terms outlined on this site are consented to by petitioning.

I enjoy playing with newbies, sissies, humiliation players, couples, masochists, bondage lovers, and fetishists. I enjoy submissives, slaves, and bottoms. I do like your title properly identified. If you tell me you are a slave, you will be objectified. If you aren’t sure what your kink title or space is, that’s fine too!. I enjoy exploring and helping people find themselves. I love playing out weird role play scenarios and fulfilling fantasies. I love holding space for all the parts of you that society doesn’t allow you to express.  


  • *If you are into infantilism or pet play, I am simply not the Mistress for you.  


  • *If your fantasy or desire is illegal, do feel free to fuck off, kindly and go tell it to someone else!