To be successful, with your petition, I strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the contents of the site, as instructions to follow are outlined throughout.


I would rather have no submissives then the wrong ones though. I am highly selective.


If you are considered, you are privileged. I wait for submissives, slaves, bottoms or fetishists that genuinely need this journey of BDSM training, right from the soul.


I have no time or inclination to accept less.


When a submissive thoroughly surrenders, without pretence or struggle for power, they receive the best experience. I want this best experience for you. I do not contest power with submissives. I simply have it.


Brats blur the lines of consent, which I require to be clean and concise, so they need not apply. Likewise with any age play scenarios as child protection is vital and infantilism has no place in my adult world.  


So if there is a part of you that has niggled repeatedly throughout your life, that social norms do not allow the expression of (and it’s legal), then please contact me.


Perhaps, I could see what you are capable of, and facilitate your growth toward wholeness and integration of all you are.


The process of this facilitation in this manner, in turn, serves me by helping me to embrace more of what’s within people and myself, and helps me grow toward wholeness also. D/s connections done well can empower both parties.


This is always my goal. I may want to hurt you, actually, I may love it, yet I will never want to harm you.  

New Client Petition Instructions

Skype Interview

Begin by clicking 'Submit A Petition' button, to complete the petition form, or by sending an email of thorough introduction​

If I still believe us to be a viable kink dynamic, you will be required to have Skype access and provide three available times for me.

This to choose my best availability for a brief interview.

There will be no element of play to this interview

This interview will require a tribute.

It also requires from you punctuality, respect and presentation.


If your petition is of interest to me and I believe that we would be a good fit, you will hear back from me.

Otherwise, off you fuck kindly!

Real Time Meet

If successful, you will next be required to meet

me at a coffee shop to complete negotiations.

You will be required to give me written and

verbal recorded consent, for any future 

anticipated sessions.

Tribute for scenes are always paid entirely in

advance, as will anticipated future sessions.


Session Time

If I request further information, give the precise information that I ask for

& nothing more..

There is a method in my madness, put simply, I am trying to ensure a positive journey with these questions.

You will be given instructions on a meeting

place on the day of your session.

You must be precisely on time, clean and

sober & ready to serve.

I reserve the right to end any session 

prematurely for any reason. Either of us can

call 'Red' at any point to end a scene.

Remember, you are offering tribute for the

opportunity to serve me, not to get your own

needs met.