My Sessions

What To Expect ?

*You can primarily expect, within session, to get an opportunity to surrender and obey the will of another..I am the artist and I choose canvases that do not tell me what to paint.  

*You can expect to be thoroughly evaluated through a several stage screening process for all for trainees new to me.


*This is both for our safety and to ensure I am well familiar with your mind and body that I am to toy with. This allows you time to communicate your limits and desires, fears and wants, including injuries or allergies, to ensure a consensual and positive experience.  

*Online scenes do not require a screening process. Simply email for availability. 

*I will always preference those that are searching for long term BDSM journeys, as trust is built over time and the quality of the connection and the depth of your surrender grows over time. This serves me as I truly enjoy watching you release more of who you really are, as you learn to surrender and fly.

*I enjoy wearing fetish clothing, and you can expect that I will be attired as such. Yet never even partially naked, not available for any body worship or fluid/waste exchange. My body is not on offer.

*Your sessions will be custom designed for you, for your maximum benefit and growth, with long term journeys rewarded with keepsakes to make clear your progress. 

*I am particular. I accept very few clients, so if your petition is responded to and questioned further, know that being considered is an honour.


*At this point, instructions will be clarified and expected to be followed explicitly. This will be your opportunity to show me that you can follow instructions.

*Our Health & Safety is always first. An additional safety measure I adopt, is to keep equipment exclusive to you, that may be used within scenes.

No insertable or heavy impact tools I use on you will have ever  been used on another. 


*I love what I do with a passion. 


*Aftercare is a vital element to my sessions, and I prefer sessions of extra time for this reason.


*To reground you after an experience in sub-space is essential for you to absorb the full benefits of having exposed your vulnerability and allowed the negotiated level of pain or humiliation into your life experiences.


*This can be intense on the senses afterward and you will be nurtured through this.


*I am a Reiki practitioner, which involves hands on healing. This is available, as an alternative form of aftercare, should you choose.  


*I will not engage in either age play or pet play. Child and animal protection are not to be toyed with. 


*I always use a safe word system, of green, yellow and red, ensuring that you have the control to avoid spaces that are too intense or negative for you for any reason.


*You call Red, aftercare then begins immediately. I also reserve the right to call Red. Calling yellow slows the scene or activity i’m performing, to ensure the scene content doesn’t overstep your limits.


*I additionally use a number system, out of ten, to gauge the space you are in.  *My scenes are very connective, creative and nuanced.


*You will not find repetition in my sessions. You will always find me full of mindfulness and joy during scenes.



Online Session


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Real Time Sessions

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Other Cities/Countries

Mistress Kendra may be available to come to you 
with all expenses invoiced to you in advance of travel.