I am Mistress Kendra
Brisbane Dominatrix
Welcome to my site

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  • I have been a professional Dominatrix for over ten years

  • I select trainees very carefully, choosing quality over quantity in my BDSM experiences.. 

  • BDSM is a deeply healing and sacred art form to me and I hold space for it’s healing potential. 

  • I am an ethical and skilled  facilitator of psychosexual adventures.

  • I am honored to be entrusted with the vulnerable spaces of  the soul, for those in my care. 

  • I believe being a Dominant to be a grave responsibility. One I take very seriously.  


  • I am a down to earth and grounded, yet sadistic, Dominant.


  • I  have a lighthearted and even impish approach to sessions at times. I find great joy in what I do.  


  • Sessions are always driven authentically, from the space I am in at that moment. 

    Mistress Kendra